Michael Quinn Kaiser : Why Choose Arbitration?

As someone who has worked in the fields of risk management and claims management for much of his career, Michael Quinn Kaiser has come to appreciate and understand the process of arbitration; not only as a method for resolving disputes, but as one that often has several key advantages over other methods, including that of litigation.

Resolving a dispute through arbitration, as Michael Quinn Kaiser, formerly of Kaiser, knows, often has several key advantages over other resolution methods. Such benefits include:

• Arbitrators are usually agreed upon by both sides of the dispute, providing a shared element of confidence in the arbitrator’s impartiality and fairness.

• Arbitration tends to resolve a given dispute much faster than other methods, particularly that of courtroom litigation.

• In general, arbitration tends to be much more cost-effective than other methods. Though the arbitrator is usually paid a fee, the costs of preparation for an arbitration tend to be much lower than doing so for a courtroom case.

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About Michael Quinn Kaiser

Michael Quinn Kaiser is an Honors graduate of the prestigious Roman Catholic private school. Michael Quinn Kaiser Salesian High School in Richmond, California, 18 miles from San Francisco, is a Roman Catholic college preparatory institution. Michael Quinn Kaiser participated in multiple sports: soccer, baseball and football.
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