Michael Quinn Kaiser Enters Highly Popular Criminology Studies Program

Michael Quinn Kaiser enrolled at California State University in Sacramento upon completion of his secondary education.  The California State University educational system maintains 23 campuses, of which the Sacramento campus is the 11th oldest.  Originally known as Sacramento State College, the institution offers today 151 Bachelor’s degree fields of study, 69 different Master’s degrees, 28 different teaching credentials and Doctoral work in 2 programs.  Established in 1947, Sacramento State College became the University of California at Sacramento in 1972.  USC at Sacramento, or Sacramento States’ second largest academic major for undergraduates is criminal justice.  With over 1800 students in the department, Quinn was one among many others who choose this immensely popular program of study.

Michael Quinn Kaiser Enters Highly Popular Criminology Studies Program

The study of criminology undertaken by Michael Quinn Kaiser upon his enrollment for his higher education at Sacramento State in Sacramento, California is a field with multiple facets.

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Criminology attempts to approach criminal behavior on a scientific level, studying the nature, extent, management, causes, control and management of criminal psychology, which itself leads to the study of prevention of illegal behavior both by individuals and by society as a whole.  The field draws on knowledge from both behavioral and social sciences.