Michael Quinn, Formerly of Kaiser: The Process of Risk Management

As Michael Quinn Kaiser, a former Kaiser manager, knows well, risk management is a process; one designed not only to efficiently manage and mitigate organizational risk, but to ensure such risks are adequately defined, managed and mitigated over time.


An expert and consultant of risk management for much of his career, Michael Quinn Kaiser how important an optimized risk management strategy is to the success and ongoing efficiency of a business.

When broken down, the risk management process commonly includes such elements as:

• Risk identification, both of positive risks (opportunities) and negative risks (threats) the organization faces.

• Risk avoidance. This entails avoiding those actions and projects that lead to undue risk for the organization.

• Development of opportunities. This includes developing those opportunities which may be strategic and beneficial to the organization.

• Threat reduction, generally through the establishment and implementation of an ongoing risk mitigation process.

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Michael Quinn, Former Kaiser Employee : Becoming a Better Leader

Becoming a more effective workplace leader, as Michael Quinn Kaiser a former Kaiser employee, knows, isn’t something that takes place or magically happens overnight. Honing your ability to lead others, to provide more effective direction, enhance productivity and enable better opportunities for success, is an ongoing process; one that is continually refined over the course of one’s career.

As Michael Quinn, formerly of Kaiser, understands, good, effective leadership tends to be borne from:

–Earning your team’s respect. Making a concerted effort to work with the members of your team, and to really understand what it is they do on a daily basis, has the tendency to garner the respect of those you depend on.

–Showing a willingness to learn. Good leadership doesn’t involve a know-it-all approach. Rather, being an effective leader comes from the ability to admit you don’t know everything, as well as the genuine desire to learn and grow in order to improve.

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Michael Quinn Kaiser : Why Choose Arbitration?

As someone who has worked in the fields of risk management and claims management for much of his career, Michael Quinn Kaiser has come to appreciate and understand the process of arbitration; not only as a method for resolving disputes, but as one that often has several key advantages over other methods, including that of litigation.

Resolving a dispute through arbitration, as Michael Quinn Kaiser, formerly of Kaiser, knows, often has several key advantages over other resolution methods. Such benefits include:

• Arbitrators are usually agreed upon by both sides of the dispute, providing a shared element of confidence in the arbitrator’s impartiality and fairness.

• Arbitration tends to resolve a given dispute much faster than other methods, particularly that of courtroom litigation.

• In general, arbitration tends to be much more cost-effective than other methods. Though the arbitrator is usually paid a fee, the costs of preparation for an arbitration tend to be much lower than doing so for a courtroom case.

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Michael Quinn Kaiser : The Rewards of Nonprofit Work

Michael Quinn Kaiser, current risk management consultant and former employee of Kaiser Permanente. Michael Quinn Kaiser understands how fulfilling the opportunity to give back can be. An ongoing volunteer for such nonprofit organizations as the Open Hearts Kitchen of Livermore, and the Solano Contra Costa Food Bank, Michael Quinn Kaiser is continually rewarded by the chance to make a real on-the-ground difference in people’s lives; to offer food, hope and warmth to those who may not otherwise have a source of relief.

As an experienced nonprofit volunteer, Michael Quinn Kaiser , formerly of Kaiser, knows all too well the fulfillment gained from helping others. Such benefits include:

The rewards of strengthening the local community. By giving of himself to others, Michael Quinn Kaiser is working with fellow volunteers to make the community a better, more compassionate place for all.

Connecting with colleagues; making friends. The act of volunteering provides a wonderful opportunity to cultivate friendships and develop relationships with those who share his commitment to helping those in need.

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Michael Quinn Kaiser Professional : Managing Workers’ Comp Claims

Michael Quinn Kaiser longtime Kaiser Permanente professional and current consultant with 2MQ Risk Management Consulting. Michael Quinn Kaiser is an experienced risk management professional with years of experience in claims and insurance management.

Michael Quinn Kaiser

Part of that experience includes the management of Workers’ Compensation claims, an area in which he has continually proven himself adept throughout his career.

A former Kaiser professional with years of Workers’ Comp Management experience, Michael Quinn Kaiser well-versed in what makes for an effective claims management department. Some of the more basic elements of effective Workers’ Comp management include:

–having an established process in place for reporting workplace injuries.

–a well-established plan for providing each injured employee prompt medical attention.

–an effective, comprehensive accident investigation process in place to better manage losses, prevent future losses and identify issues of fraud, if any.

–a clear and constant channel of communication throughout each claim.

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Michael Quinn Kaiser Professional : Why Volunteer?

Michael Quinn Kaiser, a former professional of Kaiser Permanente, is devoted to his work as a risk management consultant. A longtime member of the insurance industry, and trusted expert in such areas as claims management and risk management, Michael Quinn Kaiser continues to provide clients the expert advice and consulting services needed to take their risk management departments to the next level of efficiency.

Michael Quinn Kaiser

When not consulting, former Kaiser professional Michael Quinn Kaiser can often be found donating his time and energy to the local food bank. Volunteers like Quinn donate their time to worthwhile local causes for many reasons, including:

The Opportunity to Make a Difference Many local volunteers give up their time because of a sincere desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

The Chance to Meet Others One of the driving motivators behind volunteering is the chance to meet and share experiences with others, Volunteering can be an incredible way to bond with others in your local area.

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Michael Quinn Kaiser : What is Claims Management?

Michael Quinn Kaiser as Risk Management Consultant and Executive with 2MQ Risk Management Consulting. Michael Quinn Kaiser a former professional of Kaiser Permanente, is responsible not only for identifying redundancies and inefficiencies in the client’s claims management process, but in providing the client the guidance, information and recommendations needed to optimize that process and improve organizational success.

So, what exactly is claims management? As a former Kaiser professional and current risk management expert Michael Quinn Kaiser understands Claims Management as that process by which not only claims are properly and efficiently handled, but as the overall planning, monitoring and management of actions which originate from each customer’s claim.

Michael Quinn Kaiser

An efficient claims management system or department is equipped to handle every aspect of each claim with proficiency, ensuring optimized response and addressing each customer’s claim in a way that achieves both customer and organizational satisfaction.
Michael Quinn Kaiser has been a member of the 2MQ Consulting team since 2014.

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